George Lopez

George Lopez

George Lopez is a successful standup comic and host of 'Lopez Tonight'. His comedy explores racial and ethnic relations, drawing from his own Mexican-American heritage. He is a good friend of Sandra Bullock. In September of 2010 he announced a divorce from his wife, Ann, who had donated her kidney for his life-saving surgery in 2005.

About George Lopez

Known for: Comedian and Host of 'Lopez Tonight'.

George Lopez gained fame as a standup comedian, appearing on his self-produced ABC show 'George Lopez.' Both his comedy and show explored race and ethnic relations, including his own Mexican-American culture, in a comedic fashion.

Lopez earned more fame when it was announced on March 29, 2009, that he would become the newest face in late night talk shows. Lopez hosts the show 'Lopez Tonight' that airs on TNT. The show debuted in November 2009. The show mimics the set-up of other late night talk shows, but differs in the topical focus on Lopez's cultural roots and comedic fashions.

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