A girlfriend is a term that is most commonly used to refer to a woman or girl who's a person’s partner in a romantic relationship. When a man or woman is dating another woman exclusively, he or she often refers to that woman as a girlfriend when introducing her to others. The term can also be used to describe a close friend of a woman, not in a romantic sense.

About Girlfriends

The term girlfriend can have many different meanings, such as platonic, romantic or even in a derogatory manner. Let's break down each meaning so we can better understand our girlfriends and what that description means.

Platonic - A friend; someone who happens to be a girl. ''My girlfriends and I are going to the movies and thanks to ChaCha, we know the show times!'' Girls tend to refer to their friends or ''cliques'' as girlfriends, usually these girls are a tight knit group.

Romantic - A girl who you're dating; whether you're a guy dating a girl or even a girl dating a girl, you're going to refer to this ''special'' person as your girlfriend. You might even announce it on Facebook. ''My girlfriend and I had a delicious meal at the Olive Garden, too bad we had so much garlic in our pasta though!''

Derogatory - When you're enraged with someone and yell, ''girlfriend'' in a harmful fashion. ''GIRLFRIEND, YOU DON'T WANT TO TANGO WITH ME!''

If you love or even bitterly dislike someone, the word girlfriend will surface at several points throughout your life. Use the term wisely and remember that there are many more definitions to the word than meets the eye!

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