Halo (video game)

Halo (video game)

Halo is a game that started a shooter revolution. It all started with Halo: Combat Evolved and a strange ring world. John-117 aka Master Chief was revived and told that humanity was still in a war with the Covenant. Halo 2, the battle has been brought back to Earth. The Covenant strikes a fatal blow but there is still one hope, Master Chief. In Halo 3, the Arbiter and MC must work together to bring finally bring down the Covenant and save the universe.

About Halo (video game)

While Master Chief is the main player in the story of Halo, not every game is based on him. Halo Wars was a Real Time Strategy (RTS) for the Xbox 360. It was a prequel to the first Halo, the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) had many Spartan-2 super soldiers. Halo 3 ODST was then released and followed the adventures of the Rookie. It brought a lot of things from the first Halo players liked, such as the pistol's power, the challenge of using health packs, and the caution of knowing that you can't just run in and kill everyone and keep going. But the story doesn't stop there. Halo has broken into multiple forms of media. The Halo books create a full back story and like many books tie-ins developed the rich universe. Halo has also released a film. Halo: Legends is a collection of short animated films made by some of Japan's greatest animators, such as Production I.G, creators of Ghost in the Shell.

Halo has lasted through the years as one of the best online games and best shooters. It's just one games that gamers hate to love and love to hate, because if you put it down for a week you will get left behind and 10 boys will call you a n00b. In April 2010 Xbox Live for the original Xbox was shut down. Gamers that were unable to move on and continued to play Halo 2 gave Halo a great send off by having tons of matches. Halo is now a staple of gaming culture from MLG to shirts that feature Master Chief saying, "I see dead people." So toughen up and get to playing, n00b.

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