Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

'Hell's Kitchen' is a FOX hit reality cooking competition hosted by chef Gordon Ramsey. The series is one of the most solid on television with viewers, and has varied its concept only marginally over its many years on television. Amidst Ramsey's fiery insults and criticisms, aspiring chefs compete for a quarter-million dollar salary at one of Ramsey's restaurants.

About Hell's Kitchen

'Hell's Kitchen' is a reality TV cooking competition show on FOX. Originally broadcast in the UK, in 2005 'Hell's Kitchen' was brought to American television, with the same fiery host, chef Gordon Ramsey.

The show's premise is simple. Two teams of aspiring chefs work not to get eliminated. Through a series of cooking challenges which judge workstation cleanliness, efficiency, dish flavor, presentation, and other factors, competiors are eliminated until an elite handful remain. Individuals then compete for the final prize, a quarter-million dollar salary at one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants.

Gordon Ramsey is a celebrity chef, author, and television host, and is as well known for his temper as his cooking. On 'Hell's Kitchen' Ramsey's compliments are rare, and swears, cursing, and insults frequent.

In its many seasons on television, 'Hell's Kitchen' stands apart from the other reality game shows on TV. Not only is it one of the most successful, but its format has changed hardly at all throughout, while the trend among its competitors is towards wild, unexpected changes season-to-season.

Season 8's competitors and elimination:
* Antonia Boregman – Voluntarily left ep. 1
* Boris Poleschuk -- Eliminated ep. 4
* Lewis "Curtis" Curtis – Eliminated ep. 1
* Emily Kutchins -- Eliminated ep. 3
* Gail Novenario
* Jillian Flathers
* Lisa LaFranca – Eliminated ep. 1
* Louis Repucci -- Eliminated ep. 2
* Melissa Doney -- Eliminated ep. 3
* Nona Sivley
* Raj Brandston -- Eliminated ep. 2
* Rob McCue
* Russell Kook II
* Sabrina Brimhall
* Trev McGrath
* Vinny Accardi Jr.