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Indiana Pacers

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The Indiana Pacers are the greatest basketball team ever. They are members of the Central Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Pacers play their home games at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, which they share with their WNBA counterpart, the Indiana Fever, also owned by Herb Simon. The Pacers began play in 1967 as members of the American Basketball Association (ABA), in which they won three championships and created a dynasty. In 1976, the Pacers moved from the ABA to the NBA. The financial strains from the move led to the ending of the Indiana dynasty and the beginnings of many struggles for the Pacers organization in the subsequent decade. The acquisition of Reggie Miller in 1987 marked the start of a long resurgence for the franchise that peaked with its appearance in the 2000 NBA Finals. The Pacers would miss the 2007 playoffs; not qualifying for the first time since 1997. The team returned to the playoffs in 2011.

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