Everyone loves funny jokes, and jokes hit everyone differently. Some are innocent, others are crude, but they always bring a laugh or at least a groan.

About Jokes

A funny joke is a joke that makes you laugh on the inside or on the outside. Some jokes are pop culture references like saying 'That's what she said!' after a remark, a classic like the 'knock-knock joke,' or a joke with no obvious humor until the punchline. Below are posted some examples of funny jokes.

The Office Classic:
Jim: 'Boy, that was hard!'
Michael: 'That's what she said!'

The Knock, Knock Joke:
Me: Knock, knock!
You: 'Who's there?'
Me: 'Boo'
You: 'Boo, who?'
Me: 'Stop crying and open the freakin' door!'

And the Punchline:
Three gentlemen walk into a bar, the last one ducks.
A priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a bar. The bartender asks, "what? Is this a joke?'

There are numerous other kinds of funny jokes, covering every topic imaginable. For an always growing long list of funny jokes, text the keyword FNJ to ChaCha (242-242) to get free funny jokes sent right to your phone! Be the life of the party instantly!

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