A lawyer is a person who has passed the bar examination and is able to practice law in the state in which he or she works. Lawyers may work in corporate law, tax law, environmental law, or criminal law. There are other law specialty areas as well. Lawyers in different areas tend to be paid differently.

About Lawyers

Lawyers, also called attorneys, make up the majority of our legal system. They are involved in nearly every aspect of every day life. They are considered the backbone of our legal system. Lawyers take an oath and have to follow a strict code of ethics.

There are many types of lawyers, but most of them are in private practice. Lawyers that work for a law firm tend to make more money. Becoming a lawyer takes at least 7 years of study. A lawyer needs to be skilled in writing, speaking, reading, researching, analyzing, and thinking logically. To practice law, the lawyer must pass a state bar exam. To practice in other states the lawyer must also pass each state's bar exam. Under certain conditions it would be possible to practice law in another state without having to take that state's bar exam.

There are many many types of lawyers. Some of them include Administrative, Personal Injury Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Civil Lawyers, Corporate Lawyer, Criminal Layer, Defense Lawyer, Malpractice Lawyers, Real Estate Lawyers and the list goes on.

Median salaries for Lawyers, 9 months after graduation

All graduates $68,500
Private practice 108,500
Business 69,100
Government 50,000
Academic/judicial clerkships 48,000


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