'Lost' is a television phenomenon from creator J.J. Abrams following a cast of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island. 'Lost' first aired in 2004, but even after its end in 2010 fans of the series continue to discuss theories on how it all came together.

About LOST

'Lost' is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning television sci-fi mystery drama series from creator J.J. Abrams ('Alias', 'Fringe').

A large group of plane crash survivors find themselves on a mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific. The island seems deserted, but after a short time the survivors find out that there are other people roaming the island and they are not friendly. Over the seasons, they find there are many mysteries to the island, including a network of strange research stations all over the island placed there by a secret organization called the DHARMA Initiative. Further, polar bears have been spotted on the island, a smoke monster, and even dead people from survivors' past. As the story unfolds over the seasons, the island reveals itself as a fantastic place of terror and wonder. There are so many strange elements to the 'Lost' story that would be impossible to explain them all. You must watch the show from first season to last. This interwoven science fiction mystery captivated millions of people, and fuels debate even after the series' end.

'Lost's production, acting, and story writing are brilliant and have garnered many awards for the show including the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series in 2005, Best American Import at the British Academy Television Awards in 2005, the Golden Globe for Best Drama in 2006 and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series. It is also one of the most expensive series ever produced on television, being filmed entirely in Oahu, Hawaii.

'Lost' concluded its sixth and final season on May 23, 2010.