Metal Gear (video game)

Metal Gear (video game)

Metal Gear Solid is a series games about a agent called Snake who goes up against impossible odds to save the world.

About Metal Gear (video game)

The Metal Gear series is the story of one man on a mission. Hideo Kojima, the lead designer and creator of the Metal Gear series, said that he was inspired by Snake Pliskin from Escape From New York and set out to make his own hero. He preceded to make a story full of clones, cyborg ninjas, covert black-ops, nano machines, a hero that's tougher than the rest, and bipedal tank armed with nuclear warheads and state of the art weaponry known as Metal Gear. During the time of Street Fighter and rebirth of gaming after the crash, Metal Gear gave the player something different than just another fighter or side scrolling brawler like Final Fight. Instead of put a fist in their opponents virtual face, the player had to try to sneak around and not be caught by the guards and soldiers, this was the birth of the stealth action genre. Though Metal Gear was good Kojima wanted something more, he wanted a story and layered characters so he got to work.

After working on other games, like Snatcher and Zone of the Enders, he returns to the Metal Gear series with Metal Gear Solid on the Sony Playstation. With in game cut-scenes, stealth, and a story thicker than a rhino's hide Metal Gear Solid was a revolutionary game for it's time. Metal Gear Solid didn't just finish with the Metal Gear Solid. With Metal Gear Solid 2 Kojima once again expanded the story by introducing Raiden. Gamers were disappointed to not be able to play as their rugged hero and instead were treated to a winey, girly boy of an agent on his first real mission. Metal Gear Solid 3 stepped back and let players discover how Big Boss (Naked Snake) got his name and was declared the best soldier. Hideo Kojima then declared that with Metal Gear Solid 4 it would be the last Metal Gear Solid game and the Snake story would come to an end wrapping up all the lingering questions that have gone unanswered.

This proved to be false in some aspects. While Solid Snake was done Metal Gear Rizing is set to release and the Sony PSP will have Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, which picks up after MGS Portable Ops, tells the story of how Big Boss became the mastermind of destroying the US in the original Metal Gear games. War never changes but Snake has seen a lot of battles. Metal Gear Solid has been on the Playstation 1, 2, and 3, PSP, and the GBA, and with Rizing MGS will come to the Xbox 360. MGS is a series that won't go anywhere soon. It help define a genre and paved the way for games like Splinter Cell.