Mr. T

Mr. T

Mr. T is a mohawk- and gold chain-wearing actor, best known for starring in 'The A-Team' as B.A. Baracus, 'Rocky III' as Clubber Lang, and for his catch phrase "I pity the fool."

About Mr. T

Known For: "Pitying the Fool" and playing B.A. Baracus in 'The A-Team.'

Mr. T is best known for his roles as B. A. Baracus in the 1980's television series 'The A-Team' and as Clubber Lang in the 1982 film 'Rocky III.' Apart from his appearances in television and film, Mr. T is also known for his mohawk hairstyle and numerous gold chains.

Mr. T was the youngest son in a family of twelve children. Tureaud grew up in the projects, spending his time in the Robert Taylor Homes. While attending Dunbar High School, Tureaud played football, wrestled, and studied martial arts.

Mr. T worked as a bouncer after serving time in the army. It was at this time that he created his persona of 'Mr. T.' He began wearing the gold chains and other jewelry that customers lost or left behind during fights at the bar he worked. It worked out that he also stood out front, which allowed customers to return and easily claim their items, since he was wearing them. This also took away their chance to create any more ruckus inside.

Mr. T has also served as a bodyguard to the stars. His business card read, ''Next to God, there is no greater protection than I.'' While working as a bodyguard, he protected Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Leon Spinks, and Joe Frazier. His rate was an incredible $3,000 per day.