Name Etymology

Name Etymology

Name etymology is the study of the meaning of people's names. The names we give our children often have meanings that originated in history, literature, or among our ancestors.

About Name Etymology

Sources of names in early times:

Aspirational or behavioral goals: Honesty, Charity, Patience were common names during the Puritans' time.
Physical appearance: The name Calvin also meant 'bald.'
Last names from earlier ancestors: Stewart, Smith, and Lawrence, for example.
Work or job names: The early word for farmer, for example, is George.

In modern times, names are given to commemorate an important occasion, celebrate a celebrity, or name someone after a beloved member of one's family. Baby names become popular during certain eras. For example, jewel and flower names were common during the end of the 19th century. Esther, Pearl, Aster, and Daisy were popular then, but sound old-fashioned now.

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