New Year's Day

New Year's Day

New Years is traditionally celebrated on the first day of the year, January 1st, but most festivities take place the night before, on December 31st. This special day is usually celebrated by a large amount of people, who usually party the night away and ensure the year goes out with a bang!

About New Year's Day

The 'New Year' is the day that marks the start of the following calendar year, which in most cultures is celebrated in some way, shape or form.

Although January 1st would mark the celebration, most people begin partying the night before, on December 31st, and 'ring in the New Year' properly with friends, family, and various antics.

The days leading up to New Years mark some of the highest alcohol sales in the United States as a large part of New Years revolves around some form of alcoholic beverages.

Some special events that take place on New Years eve are:

- The 'ball' dropping in New York's Time Square
- Special televised events
- Fireworks
- Various events at select amusement parks
- Club specials

New Years Eve has some of the biggest parties of the year, from Las Vegas to New York - there's a celebration for everyone!

Always remember the golden rule: if you drink, don't drive - if you drive, don't drink.

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