New York

New York

New York is found in the Northeast region of the United States. Bordered by Canada to the north and west, Pennsylvania and New Jersey to south and Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut to the east, New Jersey is the 3rd most populous state. New York has a fairly humid climate with mild summers and long, cold winters. The average temperature in the summer is in the upper 70’s where the average temperatures in the winter are in the low 30’s.

About New York

New York City is the most popular destination of those visiting the state. Home to the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway, The Empire State Building and Ground Zero there is something for everyone no matter where their interests lie. For those not interested in mingling with the hustle and bustle of the city, Lake George is a great place to kick back and relax. This fabulous mountain lake has activities to be enjoyed year round. Enjoy fishing, ice fishing, tubing, golfing, hiking, museums, swimming, amusement parks or just lying around enjoying the peace.

On July 26, 1788 New York became the 11th state to be admitted to the Union. Its state capital in Albany which is home to an estimated 94,000 people. Its state flower is the Rose, the state animal is the beaver and the state bird is the Eastern Bluebird. The state motto is "Excelsior" (Latin) meaning "Ever Upward" which was adopted in 1778.

Famous New Yorkers:
*Humphrey Bogart – Actor (New York City)
*Lucille Ball – Actress (Jamestown)
*Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Basketball player (New York City)
*Tupac Shakur – Musician (Brooklyn)
*Theodore Roosevelt – 26th President of the United States (New York City)
*George Carlin – Comedian (Manhattan)
*Colin Powell – Army General and Secretary of State (New York City)

New York Fun Facts:
*The New York Post, which is headquartered in New York City, is the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the United States.
*New York is home to the inventor of commercially available toilet paper. Joseph C. Geyetty packaged and sold the "medicated paper".
*Gennaro Lombardi opened up the nation’s first pizzeria in 1895 in New York City.
*In 2009, the New York City subway system delivered over 1.579 billion rides.
*New York city was the first capital city within the United States.

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