Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is an award given to those who excel in certain categories, or create extravagant inventions that help benefit humanity.

About Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is an award presented to leaders in the fields of: physics, chemistry, economics, and physiology/medicine; and to great writers and peacemakers, by several associations in the name of Alfred Nobel. They have been awarded every year since 1901.

The prize is presented once a year a handful of people who have made great contributions to their field of study on December 10th, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the world.

Some famous Nobel winners from America are: Barack Obama (Peace, 2009), Paul Krugman (economics, 2008), Al Gore (peace, 2007), Jimmy Carter (peace, 2002), Toni Morrison (literature, 1993), Elie Wiesel (peace, 1986), Martin Luther King Jr (peace, 1976), John Steinbeck (literature, 1962), and Ernest Hemingway (literature, 1954).

The prize is awarded by groups in Sweden and Norway, and administered by the Nobel Foundation. Alfred Noble was an industrialist, chemist, and inventor (he invented dynamite among other things) who left over 90% of his wealth for this purpose when he died.

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