Phobia is the Greek word for fear, often used as a suffix. Phobias are often labeled as irrational fears. Example? Sure, xenophobia is the fear of outsiders. Homophobia? The fear of homosexuals.

About Phobias

Bone up on phobia definitions and laugh about funny Phobias people have. Apparently there is a name for every fear you can imagine. We have hundreds here, both real and fake, often with extra facts, comments, and even celebrities with the condition.

* Phob: Anemophobia = Fear of air. (Living in a scuba suit is no way to go through life, son.)

* Fake Phob: Siblinghurtophobia = Fear of beating up ur younger bro/sister 4 being too annoying. (sounds likely,..)

* Phob: Caligynephobia or Venustraphobia = Fear of beautiful women. (Zoinks, Scoobie, She's pretty!)

* Phob: Taphephobia or Taphophobia = Fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries. (Eeeaak! Does fear of zombie attack count?) Buffy star Sarah Michelle Geller won't film in graveyards. That's limiting 4 a vampire hunter!

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