Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek, born Robert Stanley Dyrdek on June 28, 1974 in Kettering, Ohio, is a professional skateboarder and one of the funniest and most popular personalities on MTV. He is also a filmmaker, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist dedicated to supporting skateboarding, not to mention the holder of numerous world records. With his own clothing lines, eye wear, and skateboarding brands, it's no wonder Dyrdek is now known as a ''skatrepreneur.''

About Rob Dyrdek

Known for: MTV Shows: 'Rob & Big' and 'Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory'

Rob's Dyrdeks Career started out as a humble beginnings story from a small town in Ohio. He was an avid skateboarder and began skating in amateur competitions locally and caught his big break when he won a national title at which time he turned pro in 1991 at the young age of 16. He now co owns the brand Rogue Status with musician Travis Barker and is sponsored by DC Shoes, Alien Workshop, Spy+Optics, and Monster Energy Drinks. He solely owns Reflex Bearings and Silber Trucks. He also has his own signature TAG Body Spray called 'Make Moves.'

His television career stems from an MTV reality show, 'Rob & Big', in which Dyrdek and his bodyguard, Christopher 'Big Black' Boykin, as well as Dyrdek's cousin (Chris 'Drama' Pfaff) move into a house in the Hollywood Hills together. The reality show documented the daily lives of the trio, often showing them getting into precarious situations with thrift shop owners, neighbors, and security guards. After three seasons, Big Black's longtime girlfriend had a baby, causing him to leave the show.

In 2009, 'Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory' aired featuring his Dyrdek Enterprise staff, which includes Drama and Rob's hot, blond, rapping receptionist, Chelsea 'CC' Chanel Dudley. The 'Factory' is where Rob runs his entrepreneurial adventures, and where Rob gets to work and play. His headquarters features several upstairs offices, a first level, fully featured skate park with several basketball hoops and foam pits, a 'hands of God' music studio, and a 'batcave' where he keeps various motorcycles and his Campagna T-Rex 3-wheeled motorcycle-car.

The 'Factory' team has since produced numerous world records (21 in fact!), some of which have already been broken by others. Rob's family consists of his mom and dad, Patty and Gene Dyrdek, his two cousins Drama and Big Cat, his sister Denise, his two pet bulldogs (Meaty and Beefy), and a miniature horse named Mini, whom he gave up to a horse farm for better care.