Scott Jones

Scott Jones

Scott A. Jones is a pioneer in voicemail technology and current CEO of ChaCha Search, Inc. After graduating from Indiana University, Jones founded Boston Technology where he invented the voicemail patents used by most of the world's major telephone companies. Boston Technology was sold to Comverse in 1997 for $843 million. Jones went on to found music service company Gracenote, which he sold to Sony in 2008. While his duties at ChaCha keep him busy, Jones continues to be involved with innovative technologies and is a strong proponent of teaching entrepreneurship to our youth.

About Scott Jones

Scott A. Jones (born in 1960) is an American inventor. Scott graduated with honors from Indiana University in 1984, receiving a bachelor of science degree in computer science. He is known for his work in the early days of voicemail and co-founded Boston Technology, a voice-mail technology company, with Greg Carr. In 2006, he founded the mobile question-answering service ChaCha.

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