People have had a fascination with snakes since the beginning of time. Many cultures revere the snake as a symbol of healing or even worship them as deities, as in the Hindu religion. Others see the snake as the epitome of evil, as in the story of Adam and Eve, or just find them frightening.

About Snakes

The legless reptiles are truly amazing creatures. There are 2,400 species of snakes, and they live on all continents except Antarctica, and can't survive anywhere the ground stays frozen year round, like the extreme polar regions or high altitudes. There are some islands, like Ireland and New Zealand, where there are no snakes either.

There are more non-venomous snakes than venomous ones. The venomous ones use the poison to catch their prey. Most snakes prefer to avoid people, but will strike if frightened or provoked. Non-venomous snakes swallow their food whole, or use constriction to kill them. Snakes are able to open their jaw wider than their bodies, allowing them to eat animals larger than themselves. All snakes are carnivores, eating everything from insects up to small deer, even other snakes.

Snakes are very beneficial, helping keep down the number of pests like rats and other rodents. Some snakes are kept as pets, like the Python or corn snake. In some vultures snakes are even eaten and considered a delicacy.


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