Spanish Language

Spanish Language

According to the U.S. Census, the number of people five and older who speak a language other than English at home has more than doubled in the last three decades, at a pace four times greater than the nation's population growth. In that time frame, the percentage of speakers of non-English languages grew by 140% while the nation's overall population grew by 34%. Spanish speakers accounted for the largest numeric increase — nationwide, there were 23.4 million more speakers in 2007 than in 1980 representing a 211% increase.

About Spanish Language

Isn't it cool speaking another language? Well, here at ChaCha, we try our best to educate others on the basics of Spanish! Below we've arranged a great list of common Spanish words that can help you get by in any Spanish situation! (Well, maybe the basic Spanish situations!)

Here's how to Say in Spanish some common words and expressions

Hello - hola
Goodbye - adiós
Good morning - buenas días
Good afternoon - buenas tardes
Good evening - buenas noches

Excuse me - perdón
With your permission (used when trying to move past someone) - con permiso.
Sorry - discúlpame
Thank you - gracias
Thank you very much - muchas gracias
You're welcome - de nada
Don't mention it - no hay de que
What a shame - que lástima

Who - quién
What - que
Where - donde
When - cuando
Why - porque
How much - cuanto
How many - cuántos
Yes - si
No - no
Maybe - talvez
Always - siempre
Never - nunca
Sometimes - a veces
I think so - creo que si.
I don't think so - creo que no.
I hope so - espero que si.
Of course - claro que si.
Of course not - claro que no.
I don't understand - no entiendo.

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