Super Bowl

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League, the highest level of professional American football, culminating a season that begins in the autumn of the previous calendar year.

About Super Bowl

Since its creation back in 1920, the NFL had successfully defended its turf from a variety of different professional leagues that formed and tried to compete. One by one they all folded leaving the National Football League the only professional football outlet in the country.

Then in 1960 the upstart American Football League formed and actually began to take hold. Soon enough, the NFL teams found that they were having to compete with the AFL ones for players, coaches, and most of all fans. Rather than compete with each other the two leagues decided to merge effectively creating a better, more marketable single product.

The game was created as part of that merger agreement between the two leagues. It was agreed that the two leagues' champion teams would play in an AFL–NFL World Championship Game until the merger was to officially begin in 1970. After the merger, each league was redesignated as a conference, and the game was then played between the conference champions.

Initially the game was going to be called 'the Big One,' but as the details of the game were being ironed out Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt suggested the 'Super Bowl.' He meant it more as a joke or at the most a stop-gap until a better name was thought up. However, with the college bowl games currently the focus of football fans in the country it drew an association with them, but with the super moniker made it seem as if it was better than the college bowl games. A new name was never suggested and the name eventually stuck.

Over the years the game has evolved from one that had tickets left over on game day to de facto American national holiday, called Super Bowl Sunday. It is the second-largest day for U.S. food consumption, after Thanksgiving Day. Commercial time is highly sought after and as of 2010 went for as much as $3 million.

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