The Sims

The Sims

Control. That's the name of the game. Create a person and watch them live their life while controlling everything from the trivial to the influential moments.

About The Sims

After selling over 100 million units, EA's Sims is the biggest game franchise to ever hit the shelves. Players create avatars and watch them live life while trying to keep them alive and begin a family. Creating the perfect life or just one you always wanted or playing out millions of "what if" scenarios are just some of the reasons people love playing with this doll house for the 21st century.

If you felt like it, you could even make a family, then make a house for them but with no toilets, and watch your Sims run around pooping on themselves. Your very own vengeful comedy! If your brother is being a jerk, lock the brother Sim in a room with no doors and watch him suffer: more sweet vengeance. What Sim world will you create?

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