Yoga refers to a traditional physical and mental form of activity that originated in India 5,000 years ago. Made up of physical poses and movements, breathing techniques and meditation, yoga can be a form of relaxation, exercise or spiritual strengthening.

About Yoga

There are many different yoga poses that strengthen the mind, body and spirit. There are also several major types of yoga:

Ashtanga (Power Yoga)
This form of yoga is focused on constant, fast-paced movement. Power yoga is a great workout and used for strengthening and toning muscles.

Bikram (Hot Yoga)
This type of yoga is practiced in a very hot room, between 95 and 100 degrees. The purpose is to induce sweating in order to loosen muscles and cleanse the body.

Hatha (Basic Yoga)
This form of yoga is great for beginners, as it focuses on basic, introductory poses at a gentle and slow pace.

This is one of the most commonly-practiced types of yoga in the United States. Poses are held for an extended length of time in order for participants to understand the subtleties of each pose, the alignment of the body and muscle engagement.

This form of yoga focuses on aggressive stretching, with many sun salutation poses and an emphasis on connection with breathing pattern.

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