Zombies are, according to legend, reanimated corpses. They are popular in horror films, and got their mass media start in the 1968 film, 'Night of the Living Dead'. Zombies are also popularly thought to be part of the Haitian religion, Vodou (Voodoo). Vodou believes that a dead person can be brought back to life by a sorcerer. Since zombies don't have free will, they are under control of the sorcerer who brought them back to life.

About Zombies

Since their popularity was established in the sixties, zombies have become a metaphor for unthinking modern consumerism, as in 'Dawn of the Dead,' a movie in which shoppers are trapped in a mall, pursued by zombies. In today's movies, zombies are portrayed as lifeless, cannibalistic humans. They are typically shown in a state of decomposition and often have rotting flesh, cuts, wounds, blood, and move slowly. There is usually no communication and they don't have signs of a personality or ability to think.

To refer to someone as a zombie typically means that the individual is following the crowd without thinking.

ChaCha's ZombieFacts are pretty cool:

ZPickupLine: Unlike my body, my love for you will never decay
ZTip: Flesh-eating Zombies spread virus. Brain-eating Zombies just kill u. U cant bcome a Zombie w/o a brain.
ZQuote: 'I hate lawyers. When are they gonna get done practicing law?' ::Francis in L4D
ZJoke: Why did the blonde zombie die? It was trying to eat grains.

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